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Banyak ahli yang mendefinisikan akhlak dalam kalimat yang beragam, namun kesemuanya memiliki keseragaman pada pemahaman bahwa akhlak adalah sikap dan perilaku yang tercermin pada perkataan, pilihan, dan perbuatan individu secara intuitif tanpa pengaruh eksternal. Banyak ahli meyakini bahwa akhlak yang dimaksud disini bukanlah properti biologis yang muncul pada diri manusia ketika dilahirkan melainkan terbentuk dari proses interaksi sosial dari waktu ke waktu hingga secara kumulatif membangun pengetahuan dan kepercayaan tentang apa yang baik dan yang buruk.

Menurut filsafat, diantara ketiga lembaga kebenaran seperti logika, etika, dan estetika, etika lah yang menjadi penentu suatu hal tersebut baik atau buruk.Wujud konkrit dari…

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Berikut ini ada beberapa poin yang penulis anggap penting sebelum Anda lanjut membaca seluruh konten dalam artikel ini:

  1. Penulis mencoba untuk berbagi pengetahuan yang penulis peroleh dari membaca banyak karya orang lain dengan menggunakan bahasa gaya penulis sendiri yang kadang diselingi dengan humor garing dengan harapan bahwa pembaca tidak akan jenuh seperti membaca buku teks formal.
  2. Tulisan ini meski berlandaskan referensi formal dari text book dan penelitian terdahulu, banyak mengandung opini pribadi yang boleh disetujui atau ditentang oleh pembaca. Sungguh penulis tidak merasa benar, karena kebenaran hanya milik Allah subhana wata’ala semata kan? …

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I’m recently learning about philosophy and so fascinated by how wide the world of philosophy is. I have only dipped one of my toes into this great ocean and am trying to give a piece of my mind about what I thought so far.

To say something empirically true is that the reality exist outside the observer’s mind and accessible by other through sensory observation. A pain is true for a patient since the reality of pain is suffered only by the patient though they cannot present the pain itself to others. …

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Artikel ini saya tulis sebagai dokumentasi tekstual atas materi pertemuan pertama yang biasa saya sajikan untuk kelas mahasiswa yang saya baru kenal. Apa yang saya tulis dan yang akan Anda baca disini adalah murni opini pribadi saya sebagai tenaga pendidik dan tidak bermaksud untuk mewakili pihak manapun. Harap dibaca perlahan dan dengan suasana santai agar tidak ada mispersepsi diantara kita.

Semua berawal dari pertanyaan mahasiswa tentang metode mengajar di kelas. “Pak, bagiamana cara bapak ngajar?”, pertanyaan yang sepintas relatif sederhana namun fundamental dalam keprofesian saya. Mungkin pula ia mengajukan pertanyaan tersebut sebagai indikasi bahwa mereka menyadari terdapat perbedaan cara, metode…

TL:DR I left MeteorJS and create my own autoForm library

Still I remember the days when I consistently glorify Meteor JS for all of my projects and event wrote a dedicated medium post titled ‘Why I chose Meteor JS’. There was never a day since then I haven’t thanked MeteorJS for all goodness it brought that delivers me to become a bit matured js developer. It lifted all the burden of steep learning curves of other frameworks and kept me away from the so called Javascript Fatigueness all around. And one of the biggest credit of my achievements has to…

Front-end dashboard for all users

Github link:

Hello there,

Let me introduce our latest developed software to the world through this channel. We name our product, an abbreviation of Hospital Information System in bahasa Indonesia. This software successfully integrates the functionality of many departments in common public hospital. The main language of this software is obviously bahasa Indonesia, but I’m looking forward to make it available inf English in the next protoptype.

Speaking of the software itself, I use NodeJS and Express for the backend, and Mithril JS for the frontend rendering framework. Almost all business logic are placed on the client side…

Alert: Shall I warn you that this following writings contains major spoilers. If you haven’t watched the movie yet and can’t afford to get spoiled, then you shall not read further. But if you already have or don’t mind the spoilers, then please enjoy the reading.

Last night I watched the prince of Egypt, one of Disney movie animated which tells the story of Moses the holy prophet. At the beginning of the movie, a disclaimer was shown that they took the storyline according to the exodus book which considered holy by Jewish community and may pose misalignment to other…

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My first journey into the web-dev world

I’ve been coding since the nightly build of Code Igniter with PHP 5.4, and still, I can remember that large repository of a CRUD web-app I built to enhance my coding skills also for other developers in the world I can share with. Same goes to other language and frameworks I have fiddled with, like Yii, Laravel, Django of Python, Ruby on Rails, and some other I might forget already.

Generally, PHP once gave me the ease because the community has me assured that I’m standing on the giant shoulder of StackOverflow, so whenever I faced a bug, chances are…

beautiful recursion

My love for functional programming has led me to a lesson of recursion. A topic which is very often made as memes that literally funny enough to scare me away from learning it. And realized that this is a turf my foot haven’t stepped in yet. So one day, I build my courage upon it and start google some.

Functional programming in javascript had me captured since it was popular a few years back. I started to ditch for loops with map/find/filter/reduce, using short-circuit instead of conditional or ternary operator, and many migrations to immutability mindset. I have less variable naming to write on and think about, since I only need to pass values from one function to another, wheter it be a named one or not.

But there’s some kind of codes that still bothers me. Here’s a dummy example:

And if I want to add more conditions with it’s following expression, I had to manually put…

Riky Perdana

Love Fountain Pen

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